CHAMPS is a multi-country project, currently being implemented in seven countries in Africa and Asia with a plan to expand in thirty countries over the next 20 years; Bangladesh site is the initial selection from South East Asia.


CHAMPS 2018: World Malaria Day

The Child Health and Mortality Surveillance Prevention Network is ReadyToBeatMalaria.

CHAMPS is working in Bangladesh to save young lives

There has been huge progress in fighting child mortality in the last 25 years. In this time, the child mortality rate fell 62% worldwide. However, there are still places, like Bangladesh, where children under five are dying at an alarming rate.

Public Health Approaches to Reducing U.S. Infant Mortality

Dr. John Iskander and Dr. Wanda Barfield discuss important new updates in infant mortality reduction. Since the initial presentation of "Public Health Approaches to Reducing U.S. Infant Mortality" in 2012.